If you think that Italy stops at Rome, then think again. Travel down the heel of Italy’s boot, and you’ll find a region that is bursting with beautiful beaches, fine food and wine and views so stunning, they will literally take your breath away. Life slows down in Puglia; days are spent lazing in the sunshine, taking afternoon siestas and generally enjoying la dolce far niente (or the Italian art of pleasantly doing nothing).

Even though everyone falls in love with Italy, anyone lucky enough to visit Puglia will embark on a love story that will endure (how fitting for a destination wedding). The region is still relatively unknown to travellers outside of Italy, and authenticity is around every corner.

This is apparent everywhere from the local restaurants where Nona is still head chef to the beautiful towns and villages (which are Instagram gold for your feed by the way). The region might be Italy’s rising star destination, but Puglia hasn’t seemed to grasp this. Life goes on pretty much as it has every day since the dawn of time.

Having said that, there is much to offer in the way of luxury. While the villages have still to catch up with the gloss and glamour of its colleagues (Portofino, we’re looking at you), Pulgia’s charm does not mean only rustic. Gorgeous 17th-century castellos and palazzos have been lovingly restored and can be found hidden away throughout the region, just perfect for a destination wedding with a difference.

Puglia is an ode to past and present; everyday life might go on piano, piano (slowly, slowly) but the style, sophistication and 21st century attention to detail make the region a slice of paradise on earth.

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