It’s fun, its’ flirty, it’s fashionable and now, thanks to Mr. Clooney, it’s famous. Raybans and Rivas at the ready, Lake Como inspires the utmost romance

Kaleidoscopic sunsets, buzzing around from place to place on vintage Vespas, long romantic boat rides on the tranquil waters … we could go on! And we’re not the only ones to have spotted the potential of this Italian paradise, celebrities from all walks of life flock to these shores to live la dolce vita in classy yet cool, cosmopolitan, Italian style.

Kim and Kanye might have chosen Florence for their destination but we would like to bet that they regret not having picked a villa on Como’s shores. And George and Amal may have been zipping around Venice in gondoliers but there are no better celebrity advocates for Como than the Clooney’s. And Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? Well, maybe if they had chosen Como instead of Bracciano for their nuptuals, perhaps that marriage would have been a little happier.
While George and Amal are perhaps Como’s most famous residents, no one (yet!) can beat John Legend and Chrissy Teigen for romance when it comes to tying the knot in Como. Not only was his intimate All of Me video set there – featuring scenes from their real life wedding, where he serenaded her with an acoustic version of the song – but the couple return year after year to keep their romance alive. Erm… #marriagegoals anyone? Jealous, much? Keep the cuteness coming, guys, we can’t get enough!
So, if its good enough for Chrissy and John (and Emily Blunt and John Krasinski but that was a more low key affair with press kept to a minimum), there is no doubt in our minds that Lake Como and its surroundings is the dream wedding destination. And if you need help planning your dream Italian wedding, well, that’s what we’re here for! With our local knowledge, we can help you plan a magical wedding that will rival even the glitziest of A-lister’s wedding.


The thing that we love so much about Como is that it’s so flexible! It’s not all palazzos and piazzas! Our stunning locations vary in style, price and grandeur. So whether you are looking for an intimate low key, yet oh-so-stylish affair with just a few friends and family or a big budget, no expenses spared, 300+ guest list then we are sure that we can get you what you want, when you want it. After all, we are Bespoke remember – and this day is all about you. After all, you get married only once… right?
So let’s make it a day (and a night!) to remember, and who knows, you might even get the paparazzi buzzing around on those pesky Vespas…