When UNESCO made the Amalfi Coast a World Heritage Site in 1997, its status was sealed.  Considered one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines, it’s no understatement to say it’s one of the best places in the world (not to mention southern italy) for a destination wedding. Or put another way, there is nowhere on Earth more seductive than Amalfi.

The village names trip off the tongue – there’s Positano, with its steep streets and 1950s glamour, Ravello, the cultured and sophisticated option, Maiori with its balance of beach sophistication and faded historical buildings and of course the town of Amalfi itself – a bustling village of sun-filled piazzas just perfect for people-watching away the hours. All in all, 13 villages call the Amalfi coast home. These range from oases of hilltop calm to culturally rich villages with astonishing views, to authentically beautiful hamlets, untouched by tourism where time seems to have stood still. The WiFi coverage may not be the best, but the turquoise seas and cinematic landscape more than makes up for it.

An hour south of Naples, the Amalfi coast is ideally placed if you’re flying in for a long weekend. Rent a car for day trips to places like Pompeii and Capri, or channel your inner Audrey Hepburn on a vintage Vespa and escape the coastal crowds. Wind your way through the string of seaside towns and hilltop roads to discover idyllic bays, traditional villages and picture perfect beaches dotted all over a region that will capture your hearts.

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