Inside Engage!21 3-Days of Extravaganza on Lake Como

What could ever make us prouder than the request to plan unique events and experiences for the most exclusive summit in the luxury wedding industry?

Bringing together global leaders in the luxury event and wedding industry in the world’s top destinations, Engage! not only offers inspiring and educational conferences for wedding professionals, but also the opportunity to take part to unique experiences and fabulous events planned by the top names in theindustry.

For its first summit on Lake Como, Engage!21 entrusted us with the planning of its special events, a unique opportunity that allowed us to showcase some of the best hotels, villas and vendors for a once-in-a-lifetime, three day immersion in the glamour of Lake Como.

Attendees experienced the duality of Lake Como alternating daytime moments of bliss with promenades in its stunning locations, boat tours in a jaw-dropping scenery and exquisite Italian cuisine, to nights of complete extravaganza in some of the most iconic villas on the lake.

At Hotels Villa d’Este, Mandarin Oriental and Il Sereno, guests experienced an authentic Italian luxury retreat with supreme hospitality and service and were spoiled with the phenomenal cuisine of their restaurants were lunches in between speaking sessions were hosted.

Conference or luxury escape?

The talk sessions took place at the two most exclusive villas on Lake Como: Villa Balbiano, recently set of Hollywood movie House of Gucci, and Villa Pliniana, 16°Century palace visited by Napoleon, Rossini and Leonardo da Vinci.

Combining local history and culture, a true surprise location for the talks was the local theatre in Como town, one of the oldest and most astonishing in Northern Italy, which allowed attendees to feel part ofthe local culture and lifestyle.

This was reinforced through some unique experiences that allowed guests to truly live the Lake Como culture. From a hike on the hills offering breathtaking views over the lake and mountains through the picturesque villages of scattered colored houses, to an Art, History and Food tour discovering local culture and gastronomy, without forgetting the visit of a silk museum, learning about Como’s long tradition of silk manufacturing.

Engage 21 Day1 Weddings 6

Event planners love to party!

The best part of Engage! summits are the fabulous parties beyond imagination with the best entertainment, curated décor and exquisite food. After all, they are organized by event planners for event planners!

Perfectly designed and produced by Vincenzo Dascanio, three spectacular evening events set a new level of partying. From tailored stationery and tableware to immersive shows with opera singers, dancers, party bands and dj sets, with spectacular fireworks on the lake and numerous surprises throughout the events.

Guests were welcomed with a royal welcome dinner and party at Villa Balbiano, inspired by the estate’s former noble occupants: an immersive, timeless dinner which took guests back in time with opulent décor, antique furniture and elegant tableware, opera singers, ballet dancers and a fashionable dj set to party into the night.

New gem on Lake Como, Villa Bonomi was the set of an “Exotic Adventures” party, a wild safari themed party with extravagant performances, lush décor and a roaring party with an eclectic combination of musicians and dancers.

The grand finale to these three days of excitement was a red-carpet event at Villa Erba, iconic villa on Lake Como with history dating back to 966 and cameos in movies and music videos. Drawing inspiration from Italy’s illustrious history of fashion and music, this Gala was a true celebration of beauty. A lavish floral staircase, table centerpieces featuring mannequins decorated with flowers and black and white tablescapes were surrounded by fashion ateliers displaying moodboards, fabrics and mannequins. Honoring the Italian music industry, incredible music and performances set the tone throughout the evening for a memorablenight of fun and glamour.

With every event planned to detail, guests traveling by venetian taxis and Riva boats in true Dolcevita style, unforgettable experiences and enchanting events, Engage!21 will remain a memento of creativity, fun and beauty; a lifetime experience for the summit attendees and for us, who still feel honored to have been trusted by Engage! and by Vincenzo Dascanio, art director and promoter of this exciting and unique experience in Lake Como, with the planning of such challenging three days experiences for almost 300 attendees, and soarticulated day and night events.

With its innate charm and incomparable views, Lake Como and its locations shined in their own light, and we are proud to have brought the spotlight once again on our beautiful home.