A grand occasion calls for a grand setting – and where could be grander than the Aman Hotel in Venice? Overlooking the Grand Canal, the Aman is a sumptuous choice for your wedding in Venice. As one of  the eight great Venetian palazzos, the Aman is the only one with two (yes, two!) private gardens. What’s more, with just 24 rooms, the hotel is ideal for those wanting an intimate yet opulent event.

Where do we begin with this luxury venue? The hotel is the epitome of everything that you have ever thought about grand Venice venues – it is sumptuous, sensuous, palatial and extravagant. The hand-painted frescoed walls are nothing short of stunning, while the dreamy canal views will soon make you see why the city is named “La Serenissima”. A hidden jetty allows you to arrive in peace, and will add a touch of megastar magic to your big day. This hotel has been shortlisted as one of the best hotels in the world for the past two years by Forbes and Conde Nast, so why not give yourself the luxury destination wedding you deserve in the Aman Venice?

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