We got the chance to work with Bespoke Unique Weddings & Events for our wedding celebration in lake Como after various recommendations, and honestly the commitment, dedication, patience, and passion that this team has, is truly unique.
It took us almost a year to plan the wedding, and through it all, they were available to guide us, give us their best recommendations, follow up with every single supplier, keep us posted with payment trackers, time frames, deadlines, literally everything in the most organized manners! Not the mention that they assisted us in every single aspect of this day, from accommodation to transportation, decoration, music, catering literally all, not one aspect wasn’t covered by them.
Least to say our wedding was literally a dream, not one of our guests didn’t miss the chance to tell us WOW!
I’ll be forever thankful for this memory they have left for me for life!

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Wedding Day

Pool Party